My 24hr Cycling Project by the numbers

Here’s my update about some of the training specifics and numbers. Also wrapped to say my fundraising for Tour de Cure, has hit $19,600 which is awesome. Just $400 to go to reach my $20,000 target.

This project was no last minute idea. I have been building up on the bike for over tow years to get ready for challenges like this. Specifically since earlier in the year I have committed myself to getting ready with the loose plan of this attempt in my mind since April. The last 90 days have been the real push op the mountain though and I used the 24hr Oppy Audax as a template for getting ready.

Below I share some of the training data over that time and some explanations and thinking about the attempt.

Training Monitoring

Screenshot 2015-11-23 12.58.25
Last 365 Days of training

This is a training monitoring graph from my training peaks account showing my last 365days. Its interesting to consider when I first thought about a solo attempt was just after the 24hr Oppy Addax ride about 1/3 along from the left of the graph. I knew from the build up to that I could ramp my training in certain way over a three month period and the challenge was with a lot of overseas travel and things just prior to the middle of the year I had to work to train smarter to ensure I could ramp things like I have in the last 90days.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.37.01
Two years of data shows I have been build up my training over a long time

In the context of how I have built up since the break I had from any training post London shows a good trend and even though I have had periods where gaps are clear the overall trend is up.

As for my last 90 days I have managed to av 628km on the bike. Plenty of this has involved work at pace and although I have found the last few weeks to be reach an unsustainable level with family and work commitments its interest how I am just starting to feel like these weeks are becoming much easier. Its just that its can take a lot of time and fitting it in is a bit challenge.

Training Distances

Screenshot 2015-11-23 08.24.01.png

My benchmarks that all of this is calculated from are 440watts for FTP_ Functional Threshold Power or what I can hold for a max hour effort. Combine this with min heart rate of 38 and a max of 185 and the training loads are automatically calculated. Training stress scores and intensity factors all work off these figures.

Training Stress

Screenshot 2015-11-23 13.09.11.png
Training Stress & Intensity Factors

Its clear here that the block about about 1/4 to 1/3 from the left was the Oppy prep and ride. So for this attempt I was able to double the duration and increase the loading show at the far right of the graph.

Its important to keep things in perspective and the duration av for the last 365 days highlights this. To hold an av of 14-15hrs is achievable even when work a full time.

Training Duration

Screenshot 2015-11-23 13.18.11
Training duration for last 365days

Its is obvious though that for the last 10 weeks I had to make a solid commitment to train more though and hopefully the benefits are realised this weekend.

As for how all this compares to the World of Cycling this graphs interesting to consider. To put in context I have done some racing and although my numbers might be pretty far its a whole other World when I think about what the Pro Cyclists can do. Plus the even bigger gap is bike handling skills and racing smarts. Still interesting to compare from a power to weight perspective.

Power to Weight

Screenshot 2015-11-23 13.25.37.png
Benchmarks power to weight for the last 730 days

In the last 90 days my body weight has steadily come down from 86 to 80kg at my lightest. And by the end of this week I aim to be sitting at a healthy 82kg.

What do I think I will have to do to hold 37.5km/h for 24hrs?

From a power perspective it will be between 270-300watts. This is a bit of a range an I suspect my av for the ride if it sits just under 300watts that will be about right. Fact is even with best intentions of not wasting to much time stopping for various reason I suspect 15 – 30min will be lost due to stops of some sort. Either toilet, or stretching, mechanical or somethings. So then the reality is if best case scenario is 30min of wasted stop time thats about 20km lost and the only way to make that up is more speed and more power so really riding at 300watts for 38k/h is probably what its really going to take. So thats appox 2800 laps and for every hour about 1200 calories burned. If I can hold 30sec per lap then its game on as that would have me holding 38.4km/h. Reality is key though as I know just how damn hard holding speeds that high are after 6 plus hours and will be even more difficult once in the the late night early morning when some 12 hours have passed.

I have made the TT bike as comfortable as I can with out loosing all the aero advantage and with the extra challenge of g forces each lap in the corners it will be interesting how the shoulders and neck go as the hours accumulate.

My big goal is 900km and I figure there is no point sitting back just surviving the 24hrs so doing it this way will certain sharpen the intensity and the danger is it could tip things over the edge if I can mentally deal with all the demons which will surely come.

Finally after sharing all this I am proud to say as of today my fundraising efforts have me close to my other target for Tour de Cure, with a great sum of $19,600 raised so far. I am stoked with this as it was the big reason I chose to have a 24hr World Record Attempt.

All the support and donations are fantastic and greatly appreciated.







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