Rowing Flashback _ 2003-2004

In 2003-2004 we had an awesome boat from Australian boat builders, Sykes Racing based in Geelong. This mould was originally a light weight boat from the 1990’s period which in late 90’s was modified for heavy weight rowers to use. In this phase from 2003-2004 James Tomkins and I were coached by Chris O’Brien and the team from Sykes was passionate about having us in the best boat possible. It was fast, unstable, and a joy to row.  We used it for a total of about 6 weeks over the two years and so as you could imagine it was stiff and pretty much brand new. In those two years James and I only raced in one International event each year and that was the 2003 Milan World Championships and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

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