24hr Oppy Audax 800km Record


  • Glen O’Rouke – Skipper
  • Glenn Landers
  • Scott Thomas
  • Dylan Newall
  • Drew Ginn
  • Troy O’Callaghan
  • Simon Spence
  • Jesse Carrlson _ Curve Cycles
  • Andy Pike _ Rapha Australia
  • Mike Boudrie _ La Velocita
  • Andrew Clifforth _ Freelance Photographer


  • Andy Pikey _ Rapha Australia (Clothes)
  • Anthony de Leo _ Full Beam Australia (Lights)
  • Ange Wiegard _ Hale Energy Bars (Fuel)

This is just a brief update on out team performance in the 24hr Oppy on the weekend.

What an awesome team. To have 12 people functioning for a full 24hrs as we traveled from Warnambool to Wagga Wagga was an amazing thing and just surreal at times. Our team of 5 rides all contributed to the record being set. To cover 800km and still have 10min spare was really satisfying. Plenty of tough times out on the road and moments of questioning but to have the group pull through the toughest periods from midnight until the sun cam up near Wagga was extraordinary. Having done the event last year and imploding somewhat and finding courage to go on it was that learning and knowledge which helped this year. Conditions were pretty ideal with good tail wind for the first 10hrs and only as we turned east did we experience a slight cross and head breeze. Being ahead of schedule really does help as the night is so tough to hold speed any where near mid to high 30’s with fear of kangaroo’s and potholes on the road. The temperature dropped a lot and this too really hits hard once you are exhausted and the time in the saddle is past 14hrs.

Having been in many great team in rowing I would rate this right up there as a team performance and effort. Much of the 24hr Oppy is about keep momentum and keeping the spirits up and when the clock ticks so slowly it is hard to maintain the connection with each other and the energy levels can hit rock bottom. Helping each other when and where possible is key and to do all this as we all are watching the av speed, the check points, the distance covered and to complete. Its all about staying together yet keeping the drive with progress forward. Everything magnifies the further you go and its due to all this that I believe this guys and our support crew are all legends.


Below are some images from Jesse Carrlson from his phone and some strava data.


From more images check out: 







Team Brevet: An Awesome Team Effort & Experience

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