Expertise. Be Awesome

Have to say some days you get an email which brings a smile to your face. In this video from Cycling Maven who keeps going from strength to strength with his video’s, he interviews Raoul Luescher from

Little back story, Raoul was a former lightweight rower, did loads of training in activities like cycling, running, and rowing of course. He working at Boeing, and the AIS with materials and people at the highest levels.  His work with carbon and elite athletes and coaches has spanned some 20 plus years.

His wealth of knowledge is mind-blowing and whats awesome here is you get a great sense of his expertise and his wild scientist style of his energy, approach, interests and expression. I was fortunate to work with Raoul back in 2009 when we had a cycling project  with Jono Hall and I loved it.

The conversations and experimentation were awesome and so much great learning came from a process of inquiry.

Cycling Maven has struck gold as far as I am concerned with this one and for anyone interest in the cycling equipment they use this is a must. Thanks Maven, can’t make it clear enough that tapping into true expertise is awesome.

Enjoy the video


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