Will it make the boat faster?

// Leo Training Podcast

Great to recently have a chat with Joe De Leo from Leo Training

// We covered a lot of territory and as you can see from the topics its related to rowing, injuries, movement skills, strength training and the list goes on.

Its always been great to be able to have conversations like this and to share and explore learnings from sport. Joe comes from a rowing background and has combine his love of rowing with being a strength coach. LEO Training is the resource for strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation for the sport of rowing.

Over the years I guess I have always had an interest in share what we were doing in training and I felt it was important to help others find their way in the sport and figured that with the internet and things like blogging it was a great way to do this.

The conversation with Joe was a nice reminder of this and to find out a little more about his approach to strength training to help rowers row faster I was really happy to to be involved. Plus to hear about some of the great people he has interview was great as his direction feels aligned to much of what we took over the years. His site is definitely worth a look and its a solid resource to revisit.

Interview Topics:

  • Drew’s background in sport and what he is currently doing
  • Why he recorded the video “Will it make the boat go faster?”
  • Drew’s thoughts on rowing technique and how this differs from traditional thoughts on technique
  • Bungee cord rowing and its value
  • His back injuries and how he rehabbed them
  • Drew’s thoughts on strength and conditioning and what he did early in his career vs. end of his career and what worked best
  • Improving movement and skill on land to reinforce good technique and boat speed on the water
  • and much more!


I recommend checking out a couple of the other podcasts

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