The reason why I enjoy engaging with those around me in a way that is meaningful is because I love that feeling of sparking and provoking thought and action.

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Obviously as an athlete much of my life has been spent training and preparing for competitive events. To learn through practical experiences has been my education. It has been a great benefit, but also a challenge because people expect certain things from an athlete. Personally I have many interests outside sport. A love of reading, writing and various concepts and theories from philosophy, human development and science. I love to explore and am intrigued by how we learn, change and improve.

My role as a consultant involves keynote presentations, workshop facilitation and coaching. Taking the learning from elite sport and high performing teams and applying it to my work has been a wonderful way to extend and expand those experiences while connecting with people to inspire and support their own development.

To spark, challenge and support learning is a focus I have and one that I enjoy engaging in. Working with others to create greater learning is essential and I am grateful of the relationships I have. There is another obvious need I have which is to support my family and it is through there love that I have continued to develop and find ways to be better.


Born: 20.11.1974
Home: Melbourne
Event: Coxless Fours & Pairs

2004 Athens Games – James Tomkins & Drew Ginn


2012 London: Men’s Coxless Fours – Silver
2008 Beijing: Men’s Coxless Pairs – Gold
2004 Athens: Men’s Coxless Pairs – Gold
1996 Atlanta: Men’s Coxless Fours – Gold



20011 World Championships Coxless Fours: Bronze
2007 World Championships Coxless Pairs: Gold
2006 World Championships: Gold
2003 World Championships: Gold
2002 World Championships: Fourth
1999 World Championships: Gold
1998 World Championships: Silver
1998 World Championships Coxed Four: Gold
1997 World Championships Men’s Eight: Bronze
1995 World Championships: Eleventh
1995 European Championships: Fourth
1996 European Championships Coxless Fours: Silver
1995 World Championships: Fifth
1995 European Championships: Ninth


Crew of the Year – 2003
Australian Sports Medal – 2000
Order of Australia Medal OAM – 1997

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