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Drew Ginn OAM


Qualia Solutions

3 x Olympic Champion

Presenter, Facilitator & Coach

Themes: Olympic Success & Goal Setting | Learning & Performance | Collaboration & Teamwork | Leadership | Resilience | Motivation


Drew Ginn is a four time Olympian who has won 3 Olympic Gold, 5 World Championships and 1 Olympic Silver medal as a part of Australia’s rowing team.

Having an International  sporting career spanning 18 years was a remarkable feat but even more impressive are the achievements combined with significant setbacks. This longevity includes many highs and lows, major setbacks in terms back injuries, and the experience which comes from being part of numerous different teams.   

Drew’s first Olympics were the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where Drew won his first gold. He was part of Australia’s men’s coxless fours – a team known as the ‘Oarsome Foursome’.

A back injury stopped Drew from competing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics but he returned for his second Olympics in 2004. The motivation to return to rowing and the gruelling training, selection and competition process with James Tomkins was significant. At the 2004 Athens Olympics Drew, along  with his ‘Oarsome Foursome’ team mate and formed school coach, won gold in the coxless pairs. This marked an unbelievable comeback which highlighted the great relationship these two athletes had together and with there coach to take on the best in the World of Rowing again and succeed.

athens podium
James Tomkins & Drew Ginn celebrating in Athens after a long road an significant setbacks

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics Drew partnered with new teammate, Duncan Free to again win the men’s coxless pairs and, in the process, becoming one of a select group of Olympians to win gold in three consecutive Olympic Games. Beijing signalled to the International rowing community that their performance processes and strategies could withstand great competitive pressures and serious obstacles. A major setback was suffered during the games when Drew ruptured a disc in his back for a second time in his career.

After three Olympics and three gold medals, two back surgeries, the many hours of building back after these setbacks, Drew not only continued to row but was again selected to represent his country at his fourth Olympic Games in London. In London Drew was part of the men’s coxless fours who won silver for Australia.

Like being a new member with the Oarsome Foursome in 1996, Drew was fortunate to provide a similar experience to new member of his team and this became a great example of his leadership and role in what was a top performance by the new Australian team.

Drew’s record at the World Championship is equally impressive. He has won World Championship Gold in 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006 and 2007 along with Silver in 1998 and Bronze in 1997 and 2011.

In addition to his rowing success, Drew is also an accomplished cyclist, having won his first international cycling race – the Oceania Time Trial in 2009.

More recently in 2013-14 he had a key role as National Head Coach for the Australian rowing team leading 14 National senior coaches and key support staff through domestic preparations, team selections, and International tours to World Cups and World Championships. He was fortune to make the switch from elite athlete to coaching and performance advisory roles. This has continued his involvement and impact at the highest level in the sport of rowing.

Drew Ginn on his way to setting a New Australia Record of 836km and raising $40, 000 for Tour de Cure Nov 2015

In 2015 – 2016 Drew was capable of making another switch into endurance cycling with three keys events to date completing rides for charity, achieve major milestones and records. In 2015 Drew set a new Australian cycling record for 24hrs of 836km on Brunswick velodrome and in doing so raise $40,000 for a great cause, Tour de Cure. A charity with this mission of curing cancer through cycling initiatives.

Key learnings and insights for a 20 year career in competitive sport, taking on huge challenges, and combining all this with his work with clients as a presenter, facilitator and coaches makes for a unique perspective and one which truly makes a difference with those he engages with.

In 2014 Drew was award the highest honour in the sport of rowing being award the Thomas Keller medal in recognition of his performances, character and contribution to the sport of rowing

Presenter, Facilitator & Coach

In his business career, Drew has had many opportunities to develop his approach as a presenter, facilitator and coach. From working with a broad range of clients which have included; SME’s and family businesses, large corporate organisations, non-profits, charities, and sport organisations. He has been exposed to many significant people and worked with an amazingly diverse group of participants with a variety of needs, expectations and experiences.

Presenting in 2012 post the Olympics and sharing the journey of a new team

Drew is capable and passionate about tailoring presentations for clients needs, designing development experience for participants through workshop and program delivery, and managing coaching opportunities to ensure the investment and time taken on learning and development, or change initiative is practical, interactive and effective.

Transitioning into his current work as presenter, facilitator and coach while maintain his sporting focus was a credit to the approach taken to his own learning and the learning of those he engages with.

Areas of interest:

  • Build high performing teams cultures 
  • Presenting & facilitating on themes of great leadership, team development, collaboration, habits and resilience
  • Focus on effort and learning as a driver of motivation, performance and meaningful experiences
  • Exploring simple yet effective questions to discover solutions.
  • Helping leaders and teams find ways to go to new levels
  • How we cope with, deal with and manage change

Linking models and methods:

  • Personality (MBTI)
  • Situational Leadership
  • Design Thinking
  • Get Things Done
  • Grow Goals
  • Personal Mapping
  • 6 Hats Thinking
  • Self Determination Theory
  • Motivation
  • Growth Mindset


Associate at Mt Eliza Executive Education

Drew has been involved with a range of groups, from corporate Australia to local communities and schools as an associate with Melbourne Business School since 2005. His clients have included , Melbourne Water, Seek, Laminex and Masterfoods, Vic Roads, DMO, Fletcher Building, and he has presented and facilitated on many programs including, Advance Management Program, BHPB Graduate Program, Maximising Your Leadership Potential and Management Development Program.


Clarence Da Gama Pinto

Senior Fellow – Leadership at Melbourne Business School

Drew Ginn is one of those authentic Level 5 Leaders – Focussed and Humble. He is an outstanding presenter/facilitator/guest speakers on some of the Business School’s premium Open Enrolment and Customised programs. Drew brings an elite sports person’s expertise and discipline in assisting middle and senior executives to craft and execute personal and organisational goals. Participants appreciate his sports track record but are also drawn to his gifts as a skilful facilitator, practical guide and charismatic professional. Drew is a vibrant example of excellent leadership in an Australian/global context and I enjoy working with him.Drew’s Linkedin

Chris Lester

CEO, Good Education Group

 Drew is a great facilitator, he has a way of relating his lessons to anyone. We are a young and growing team and Drew has been instrumental in helping us build a strong team culture, by helping us learn more about each other and providing us with the tools to help us communicate effectively.

Martin Boult

Director Professional Services & International Training

Drew’s presentation at CPP Asia Pacific’s conference was highly insightful, thought provoking and inspirational. He is extremely adept at drawing on his unique background in elite sport and professional development to help people from diverse backgrounds learn how to grow and develop in their chosen pursuit. His willingness to offer an authentic presentation also adds to his capacity to captivate an audience. Drew’s Linkedin

Gina Peele

Director of Student Programs
Drew worked with the Year 12 students at St Catherine’s School facilitating a workshop on leadership. Drew worked exceptionally well with the girls with a mixture of activities and instruction. Drew’s professional approach and delivery were well received.

Margaret Holden

Associate program Director at Mt Eliza Executive Education

Drew is a highly talented and skilful facilitator. He is able to inspire and motivate groups to confidently work toward the achievement of high performance goals. Drew’s high energy presentations, authentic personal narrative and articulate delivery make him outstanding in his field. Groups consistently rate him as 10/10 and most importantly are profoundly impacted by his practical approach to more effective Teamwork and goal setting. Drew’s ability to link his impressive sporting history to the corporate world in a relevant and meaningful way, give sessions he leads a unique and memorable edge. I would highly recommend Drew Ginn as an outstanding Facilitator/Presenter.

Sue Milner

Strategic Partnerships, Connectivity & Growth Leader, Passionate about Commercial Innovation & Growth Strategies

Drew great presentation with your story telling have used your 1cm extra approach and it’s working thanks for the tips! Sue Milner

Wayne Earl

National Operations Manager – Supply Chain at GrainCorp

Drew has been engaged a couple of times to speak with some of our teams. Each time he has delivered an inspiring tale of perseverance, commitment, and dedication which relates in all facets of life including business. His success and his delivery has resonated with our teams and has helped us to delver strong messages about teamwork, leadership and success. I recommend Drew as an articulate and energetic public speaker who can connect well with his audience and deliver great messages which will engage any team.Drew’s Linkedin

Sarah Roche

Regional Manager SNSW Australia at GrainCorp

Drew delivered a great message to our Southern NSW Regional Team of 150 covered a range of topics and excellent parallels between sport, business, people, teamwork, and achieving results with a geographical large team. “Will it make the boat go faster” has been a tag line that we now use in our language together to help us reduce complexity and be a more efficient supply chain.

Matthew Graham

Sales Director, Grocery – Lion Dairy

Drew assisted in facilitating the launch of our Sales Team OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies & Measures) for the 2nd year of our turnaround. His engaging style with the team, and unique facilitation methods had the team on the edge of their seat and really thinking about their role in taking resposability for actions against the plan in the next 12-24 months. Rather than talking at, Drew used his personal experiences to clearly relate back to our organisational challenges, and the importance of consideration of the wider team for ultimate success – landed the message well. I had over half a dozen of the team speak to me personally or reach out over email following the session, as they simply had not expereinced anything like this before in our organisation, well done and thank you.Drew’s Linkedin

Coombes Geoff

Co-founder & Director of Development at Tour de Cure

A quick not to firstly thank you for so generously supporting Tour de Cure via your recent 24hr World Solo Record attempt. The way you approached this monumental task was nothing short or inspirational. Too many people in this world set ceilings on what they can achieve, consequently falling well short of their potential. You led your team extremely well across all facets of the campaign and the result was outstanding….Whilst not the World Record a hard to beat Australian record and even more so, a HUGE result for helping cure cancer.

Personally I am thrilled you will get to see the Tour de Cure in action via your participation in our 2016 Signature Tour. Being our 10th Anniversary we are, like you, reaching to set records which will see the Tour de Cure continue to significantly contribute to a cure for cancer.

I’m excited for our team (all 160 of them) to spend time with you as I am sure they will take away many things from your calm yet considered, wise yet jovial approach to life and business.

Looking forward to RIDING TO CURE CANCER with you and on behalf of the Tour de Cure we thank you for helping us raise awareness and funds to one day see an end to this disease

Geoff Coombes

Tour de Cure

Co-Founder & Director of Development Drew’s Linkedin

Wayne Bover

State Manager – Victoria/Tasmania at Airmaster Australia

I can highly recommend Drew for facilitated management training. Drew is a very engaging facilitator with an attuned sense to get the best out of all attendees, from breaking the ice to sharing one’s personal experiences.Our Victorian & Tasmanian Account Management Team rated Drew’s program as one of the best they had ever attended.

Michael Young

CEO at Ed.Vantage

Drew is a master facilitator in large and small groups ranging across SME’s and large corporates. His experience as a business owner, head coach, athlete and at the Melbourne Business School equips him with the ability to energise, challenge and read the needs of clients. his facilitation covers all aspects of business be it strategic work, processes or attaining that elusive X factor found from great ‘teamwork”. Gold medals and OAM aside, his ability to create safe, constructive and honest learning environments is a rare skill which he has mastered. My experiences with Drew at both a Bank and now running a family business has helped me create the right team structure and set realistic goals and processes in place to make the changes necessary to orient to world best standard.Drew’s Linkedin

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