Its that moment of realisation when you are ready. You’re committed and willing to be exposed, vulnerable and fully engaged in what you do. Drew Ginn

In 1996 Drew was asked to give his first corporate presentation for Westpac. A wonderful person at the time who was head of marketing took him under her wing and challenged him to learn how to share his story, the story of the team and the story of achieving success. Through this process and a range of opportunities like being involved in an internal staff program called, ‘Sharing the Winning Feeling’ with the Oarsome Foursome he start his journey as a presenter and keynote speaker.

This direction was set 16 years ago and learning how to engage an audience and draw people into those Olympic moments through passion, curiosity and my deliver has been an ongoing learning process.





The insights about performance, leadership, following, learning, teamwork, adversity, pressure, achieving goals and bouncing back after set backs have been extensive.

All this learning comes from a career in sport spanning nearly 20 years, with many different teams, with different roles, goals and challenges, and along the way it includeds all the ups and downs associated with finding ways to improve, change and perform.

Find out what 20 years of elite training & competition teaches someone?

What are the highlights? Insights? Learnings? Realisations? Mistakes?

How can they they apply to business and life?

Through continuous reflection and engaging in planning, testing, performing Drew Ginn has develop his understanding and his interest in continued inquiry into his performance and the performance of the teams he has been part of, and inquiry into how it can be applied to others in different areas of business and life.

Check Out: Speaking & Facilitation Profile

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