Eyes Open: Leadership Presenting & Facilitating

cropped-453.jpgThe last 6 months has been interesting to say the least with finishing up with my roles at Rowing Australia and building back up my business, Qualia Solutions.

What’s been involved in getting back out into the networking space and reinvigorating my own learning around understanding human development, clients needs, business changes and unearthing blind spots. It has been possibly the most enjoyable period in my working career and you can say the balance of work to preparation for work has been weighted to the later.

The challenge then has been to build up work or my business and gradually generating a opportunities and consequently revenue. The balance to this has been to move with confidence that the kind of work suits my strengths and interests. My need to enhance understand and create longer term relationships takes time. True I have to pay the bills but jumping to quickly at opportunities which don’t suit my skills or passion are are short term prospects which can lead to a lot of churn and far less personal satisfaction and real impact with clients.

Although I have had some work opportunities since finishing with the National Team, my interest is really getting down into making a difference with those I am engaged with. Over the last few months its been great taking risks with my facilitation and presenting work with certain things working well and others things not working so well. The feedback has been great and probably a bit in contrast to the last few years where feedback came but it felt hard to be able to make changes personally and implement changes required with the role on the National team.

The freedom now to work for clients who are very motivated, up for the challenge to make deep changes, who challenge my thinking, and who provide such variety of experiences and the learning which comes with this. I am passionate about ensuring if a client engages with me they want to make sure it pays off in what ever formats that includes. This has been bringing a greater sense of urgency, meaning and a critical style around challenging the status quo while breathing life into collaborative opportunities.

This all probably suits me more to be getting in a shaking things up for a client while finding ways we can tap into things like new solutions, thinking, improved actions, and enhanced results.

Currently I can’t help but think in the facilitation, coaching and presentation work I am sensing some changes are coming. Being able to understand a clients needs better has me wondering how best to do this. Learning about the people in the room provides a consistent reflection point which when collaborating with others in the work I do does provide a great focus for collective reflection. Plus I am always trying to get my head around business impact and it seems that if the better start point of understanding, with greater attention and empathy with those in the room, then the links and impact flows and indicators have to be there.

Right now I am back building up my business, Qualia Solutions and its exciting but has serious stretched my capacity realising that if I aim to be truely effective then these links, connectors, visualisations, and realisations are essential.





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