Wouldn’t It Be Awesome To Cure Cancer?

Donate Today & Help to Cure Cancer 

TDC challenge.001.jpegDonate Today & Help to Cure Cancer 

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James Tomkins Original Oarsome Foursome Olympian agrees little things matter and when added together can make a big difference

Lots of little things can add up to make a big difference. This is true for sport, business, making art, building a house, riding a bike, rowing a boat, developing a friendship, changing the World & raising money for a great cause.

Back in November 2015 I took on a challenge of ridding a bike for 24hr around a velodrome to raise money for Tour de Cure. Well I am back again at it but this time I have the great opportunity to join many wonderful people for the 10h Anniversary ride for Tour de Cure.

Here’s my thinking. Next week on the 28th of April I fly to Brisbane to meet up with all the other riders to take part in the 10th Anniversary Tour for Tour de Cure. We ride from Brisbane to Sydney, 1500km in 10 days. Its not a small challenge but add to this the 120 plus riders will be raising in excess of $2,000,000 and I will be make my effort to help raise funds.

This is the idea. I figure by getting anyone who follow’s my blog or any off my social network/media accounts it would only take a percentage of these followers to donate between $10 – $50 and it could make a massive difference.

Let’s have some fun with this calculation. All I am looking for are about 1000 people who might donate a relatively small amount. Even just $15 will make a great difference if we all do it together. That would raise $15,000 and exceed my $12,000 target for this event. TDC donate:challenge.002

Donate Today & Help to Cure Cancer 

Taking this further. It would mean for the 1000 followers who donate that it is as simple as 1 cent per kilometre ridden in the 10 days from Brisbane to Sydney.

We are talking small amounts per kilometre ridden really and when we think about what $15 means for most of us in a week it comes down to 3 coffees. That might mean just 1 coffee on three days in a week rather than 2 coffee’s.

I certainly don’t want to get between people and their coffee pleasure as I too love my coffee. But put it in perspective over three weeks you are only giving up 1 coffee per week.

So then you might think of it this way. Thats 1 x coffee a week for 3 weeks to contribute 1 cent for every kilometre ridden. It would help just one person like me to contribute to the total fundraising effort for Tour de Cure for this years signature tour.

Donate Today & Help to Cure Cancer 

To learning more about Tour de Cure check out the website.


Donate Today & Help to Cure Cancer 


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