A Power Insight Into Self Censoring

Over many years I have heard many people say I can’t do that. Or thats not me. I am not capable of that. Having presented many times on our internal critic and how its stops many athletes from every truely allowing themselves the freedom to perform as they dream. I have seen this limited mindset in workshops, in business and in sport. When I read this 99U article I thought worth reposting here.

Its not like any of use are immune to our process of critiquing or self judgement. Personally I have held myself back on too many occasions and while I have no regrets I am aware of certain outcomes which may have been different if the courage to have the imagination and ideas, and to express them in the form realise the desired outcome.

Check out the article below.

It’s one thing to reject the ideas of others…we do that almost automatically. But when we reject, deny, stifle, squelch, strike, silence and otherwise put ideas of our own to death, sometimes even before they’re born, it is the highest crime against creativity. It’s an act of pure tragic mindlessness. I often think of this…

via Ideacide: The Perils of Self-Censoring (And How You Can Stop It) — 99U99U

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